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Taking Steps To Be More Sustainable

Being an environmental consultancy has its pressures from multiple angles when it comes to running a sustainable business. As the company has grown, making conscious decisions on working more efficiently becomes ever more important, including the materials we source and the longevity of the kit we use.

Some things we cannot avoid just now, like the use of plastic for newt and reptile surveys and fencing. But we have taken a step toward a more sustainable material for reptile mats and switched out our roofing felt to corrugated metal sheets. This means the metal sheets will have a longer lifespan and unlike the roofing felt which eventually falls to pieces, this new material will help cut down on waste.

Within our offices we have changed to a delivery from a local milkman rather than using plastic containers, we have changed all of our office lighting to LED and even have refill bottles for hand soap rather than throw away bottles. Next step is the installation of hand driers as opposed to paper towels!

The biggest possible change we could make is the switch to electric cars but that will come in time.

Small steps ultimately lead to a big change, and if everyone can make a small change to their own lifestyle with sustainability at the core. We can make a huge difference in making the world a more environmentally conscious place.
Posted on: 31 August 2023
Posted in: Company News

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