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Artificial Badger Sett
Artificial Badger Sett


Brindle & Green’s contracting teams provide a range of specialist environmental services across the UK with core sectors in habitats, landscape & tree works.  

Operating under Construction Line ‘Gold’ accreditation and in close collaboration with our ecologists, arborists, landscape architects and archaeological teams this is core to what makes life different when working with us.

We’re not just a company that makes recommendations. We’re a company that delivers them. From trial trenching to protected species fencing, habitat creation, habitat management, landscaping, planting, ground clearance and specialist skills a such as hedge-laying – it’s a growing team of highly qualified and skilled contractors in a growing market.


Our habitats teams focus on protection and mitigation for protected species, the creation and management of land to deliver BNG, and a whole host of complementary services to ensure compliance when delivering your site.


Brindle & Green are a one stop shop for badger issues. Not only can we survey for them and secure licences, but we design, build and close badger setts all in house. At Brindle & Green we have delivered sett construction and sett closure on some of the UK’s largest badger projects but have equally helped on single plot schemes where the scope is far smaller.

Habitat Creation

A growth sector in response to the arrival of biodiversity net gain. We are specialists in the delivery of habitats either required as an offset habitat or in response to protected species mitigation. Pond and wetland creation, grassland establishment, grassland translocation, open mosaic translocation and creation, woodland planting, and wildflower meadow work are all deliverables within our contracting team.

Great Crested Newt Mitigation

Mitigation is necessary when development or construction activities may impact the newt’s habitat, such as the destruction of ponds, wetlands, or terrestrial habitats. Mitigation measures for great crested newts typically involve a combination of habitat creation, enhancement, and translocation. Our contracting team have a range of skills to enable the correct mitigation procedures and that are carried out with care and consideration including the installation of mitigation fencing.

Reptile Mitigation

Reptile mitigation is typically carried out in accordance with local regulations and guidelines to ensure the protection of these species. It requires collaboration between ecologists, developers, and relevant authorities to ensure that reptile habitats are conserved and their populations are sustained. By implementing effective mitigation measures, we can strike a balance between development and the conservation of reptile species. Brindle & Green provides in-house services relating to the delivery of reptile mitigation including supply and installation of exclusion fencing.

Grassland Translocations

The advantage of BNG and the rise in demand to retain and protect the best examples of habitats within a development site has driven the need to pick up and translocate grasslands from one part of a site to another or in some cases from a development site to an offsite receptor. This is a skill we have developed and perfected in recent years and have successfully managed it with some of the rarest habitats.

Bird & Bat Box Installation

Its a staple of any new development and one that is often missed. Its most commonly picked up in LEMP type documents or in ecological enhancement strategies. Brindle & Green can supply and fit any range of bird and bat box mitigation – even extending to the construction of bespoke bat buildings and large boxes mounted on poles.

Habitat Management 

We aren’t just experts at creating habitats. Habitat management is a rare skill in the field, often left reserved for Wildlife Trusts’ or the like. At Brindle & Green we bring these skills into the development sector through an expert understanding of timings & process – aided by the support of colleagues in ecology & landscape.


Our landscape teams have evolved through the industry demanding a certain style and approach to landscape installations that vary from the industry norm.

So, what is different? Brindle & Green staff have experience at working in a range of related industries, so some with horticultural backgrounds, some having worked for the Forestry Commission or The National Trust – they are dedicated and skilled professionals who add value. They also benefit from working in conjunction with our own landscape architects who, more often than not are designing and auditing the landscapes that we are creating and managing.

Tree Works

Brindle & Green arborists are skilled experts in tree works – including felling, sectional dismantling, stump removal & stump grinding, tree trimming and pruning and hedge trimming & processing all the way up to entire site clear fell works.

News & Advice
12 July 2024

A tribute to longevity

This month’s company meeting recognised 3 more staff who have reached various length of service milestones with us. Plus, a special one-off celebration for our Managing Director!
04 July 2024

Welcome Rhiannon!

We are excited to welcome Rhiannon Coe to our Contracting team as an Assistant Contracting Technician.
25 June 2024

Adam Huson Joins Our Team as Senior Contracting Technician

We are thrilled to announce that Adam Huson has joined our contracting team as a Senior Contracting Technician.