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Artificial Badger Sett
Artificial Badger Sett


At Brindle & Green we operate our own contracting team; providing a range of specialist environmental services across the UK. 

Operating under Construction Line ‘Gold’ accreditation and in close collaboration with our ecologists, arborists, landscape architects and archeological teams this is core to what makes life different when working with us.  

We’re not just a company that makes recommendations. We’re a company that delivers them. From trial trenching to protected species fencing, habitat creation, habitat management, landscaping, planting, ground clearance and specialist skills a such as hedge-laying – it’s a growing team of highly qualified and skilled contractors in a growing market.  



Not only can we survey for them and secure licences but we design, build and close badger setts all in house. Any complexity, size or issue. 

Habitat Creation

We are specialists in the delivery of habitats either required as an offset habitat or in response to protected species mitigation. Such as: woodland planting, and wildflower meadow work are all deliverables within our contracting team.

Great Crested Newt Mitigation

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Reptile Mitigation

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Grassland Translocations

Pond and wetland creation, grassland establishment, grassland translocation, open mosaic translocation and creation.

Bird & Bat Box Installation

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Tree Works


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Tree Protection Fencing

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News & Advice
22 November 2023

The History of Radbourne

Tom Hough, Brindle & Green’s Head of Archaeology & Heritage, explores the captivating history of the village where our offices have been based for the last 9 years whilst our Graphic Designer, Nadine Tunnicliffe takes her own perspective on the landscape around us with a series of beautiful photographs taken one early autumn morning.
19 October 2023

CPD – Bat Identification and Handling Field Trip

Our Technical Director Dr Lucie Sweet reflects on a recent CPD field trip attended by herself and others within the ecology department where its safe to say they got to see and handle plenty of bats – as well as get some impressive photos!
17 October 2023

The arrival of three new members of the contracting team!

With the increasing demand on our contracting division, we are excited to announce the arrival of three new members of the contracting team!