Landscape Consultants

Brindle & Green has a team of qualified landscape consultants who specialise in the delivery of LVIA and landscape design.

Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)

Prices start from £900
excluding VAT

Timing: Year round


LVIA are either required as a formal addition to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), or as an appraisal of development proposals in support of a standard planning application where the views of the site, locality or landscape could be affected by the proposals. A well prepared LVIA can identify the potential effects to notable receptors; allowing guidance and mitigation to be prepared to minimise or prevent degradation to the local landscape character.

Brindle and Green have experience in preparing professional reports for small scale development in a sensitive area (such as an area of High Landscape Value, or an area of urban character), and larger multi-phase residential and industrial development, and can advise you on offsetting significant adverse effects, or providing mitigation advice to reduce and prevent potential impacts. Each report is detailed; following updated GLVIA3 guidance to provide in depth Landscape Character Assessment, Viewpoint Mapping, Statutory designated sites Assessment (Such as SSSI, BAP, SPA or LNR) to inform the Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) providing an assessment unique to your project specification.

Landscape Design

Prices start from £400
excluding VAT

Timing: Year round


Local Planning Authorities require detailed information about the external spaces surrounding a proposed development. Designs plans must satisfy the clients aspirations in addition to the Local Authorities requirements. Members of the Landscape Institute, our landscape consultants are appropriately experienced and qualified to prepare full landscape design including soft landscaping, boundary treatments, surface finishes and service placement.

Using a range of software, Brindle and Green have successfully satisfied landscape planning conditions on a range of projects; including large and small scale housing development, business parks and holiday lodges.

Landscape Character Assessment

Price on application


Timing: Year round


Landscape Character Assessment can be used to inform: policy development; local, neighbourhood, community or parish plans, and place-making; green infrastructure plans and strategies; waterways strategies; design briefs; project design and master planning; landscape impact and visual impact assessments (often as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment); sensitivity and capacity studies; landscape designations including National Park and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation etc.