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Detailed soft landscape design for a housing development in Bedfordshire.

The Problem

Mulberry Homes commissioned the landscape team at Brindle & Green to undertake a detailed soft landscape design for a medium-sized housing development on the edge of Clifton in Bedfordshire.

The challenge with this project was to balance the need for an aesthetic landscape design which looked attractive for prospective homeowners, but also supported the ecological objectives of the site, creating habitats for nesting birds, bats and other protected species.

The Solution

The detailed soft landscape design was completed by members of the landscape team at Brindle & Green. Co-ordination was undertaken with the client and the ecology team from Brindle and Green to try and balance the objectives and create a scheme which was both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound. On plot planting incorporated a mixture of evergreen and deciduous plants, of both native and ornamental origin.

Species were chosen for their attractiveness to pollinators and with an overall white, pink and red colour scheme. In the public open space, the plant selection was led by the ecological team, with native fruiting species chosen to support the protected species on the site.

The Outcome

The detailed soft landscape design was well-received and helped the scheme to achieve planning consent. It has now been implemented.


The core service that we started with, our ecology team has grown into an impressive department offering every possible service relating to the planning and development sectors. PEA, PRA, biodiversity net gain, protected species surveys, mitigation documents and licensing.

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Our in house landscape architects bring a wealth of experience in their field. Industry experts offer LVIA and expert witness alongside a team delivering landscape design, landscape character assessment and garden design.

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A highly experienced and capable in house team of arboricultural consultants deliver tree surveys, AIA, AMS & woodland management plans to a diverse range of sectors and UK wide.

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Our fully qualified and experienced archaeologists work primarily for the planning and development sectors and provide WSI, desk based assessments, trial trenching and excavations.

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Our largest growth area. Our contracting teams are specialists in the field of creating and managing habitats for the benefit of biodiversity alongside offering ecological mitigation fencing and badger sett closure and creation.

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