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Technical Lead – Biodiversity Net Gain

Technical Lead – Biodiversity Net Gain

This role is intended to provide the wider company and ecological department with a specialist professional capable of undertaking complex biodiversity net gain assessments, keeping up to date with legislation and guidance changes, and creating and updating appropriate report templates. The net gain consultant will undertake net gain assessments on a variety of projects where required both complex and independent and within the ecology department. Training will be provided and the role holder will also have opportunity to train and mentor others as well as clients where required.

All associated benefits of employment at Brindle & Green are provided with this job advert and can also be found as a download on our website vacancy pages, or can be viewed HERE

Salary: £31,000- 35,000.00 per annum depending on experience

Aspects of the role

  • Technical knowledge and training in biodiversity net gain including but not limited to; attending seminars, structured training, awareness of updates in legislation, monitoring of Natural England announcements.
  • Development of knowledge relating to LPA and Government offsite alternatives, including habitat banks.
  • Communication with external stakeholders, LPAs, clients where required relating to biodiversity net gain issues.
  • Creating and expanding connections and cross divisional work with other company departments, with landscape expected to be a strong link.
  • Providing advice and guidance and working closely with projects where the Brindle and Green construction team have created habitat for biodiversity net gain.
  • Writing of biodiversity net gain documents including but not limited to; BIA statements, letters, HMMPs, BIA reports, and bespoke documents as required.
  • Delivery of mentorship and training to the ecology department, wider company, and clients where required.
  • Undertaking net gain assessment of either standalone projects or projects which sit within the wider ecology department – working closely with project managers to deliver biodiversity net gain for specific projects such as those that are highly complex or that other members of the ecology team do not have capacity for.
  • Undertaking condition assessments of sites and habitats.
  • Advising ecology project managers of technical aspects of net gain.
  • Screening of sites for net gain potential, assisting clients with net gain queries, assessing value of potential offsetting sites.
  • Input to quoting items relating to biodiversity net gain, where applicable


Future expansions of the role

  • In the short term future it is expected that this role will expand to require a GIS provider in order to provide mapping support where required. The holder of this role will report to the Net Gain Consultant and therefore a management aspect may be introduced with commensurate salary increase. The option for this will be discussed closely with senior management and agreed upon in time – it is not compulsory.
  • As the role and the wider ecology department expands, additional graduates and assistants could be added to the team and will be managed by the holder of this role. The role will be re-titled appropriately at this time with a commensurate salary increase. The option for this will be discussed closely with senior management and agreed upon in time – it is not compulsory.


Key attributes

  • The successful candidate will demonstrate a good understanding of Biodiversity Net Gain in the UK through the use of metrics (both small sites and standard), the policies and laws surrounding BNG, the application of BNG in bringing sites forward – including the mitigation hierarchy.
  • You will have habitat classification and botany skills of a standard suitable for condition assessments at both baseline and implementation stages.

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