Tree Risk Assessments

Having your trees inspected forms part of a reasonable, proactive approach to tree management and demonstrates you have met a key component of your duty of care.

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Survey type and pricing

Brindle & Green offer two types of tree risk assessment survey. The key differences between the two survey types are specified below:

1) Full Inventory surveys: we inspect, tag and map all trees (>100mm) within the site. A detailed schedule of information for all trees will be provided and included in the report.

2) Focused surveys: we inspect all trees (>100mm) within the site, however only those requiring remedial works will be tagged and mapped. The schedule of information will contain information for trees with remedial works only.

Price will vary owing to the scale and location of your site.


We would ideally like 20–30 days for completion of tree risk assessment, but we also recognise that project timescales often don’t allow for that long. We will always try accommodate flexibility in our deadlines if we have the capacity to do so.

I am a tree owner, what are my obligations?

As a tree owner, you have a legal duty of care to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to avoid risk to people, including visitors or trespassers on your land (Occupiers Liability Acts, 1957 & 1984). If injury or property damage occurs, and the damage was reasonably foreseeable, you may be found liable of negligence.

How can Brindle & Green Help?

Brindle & Green can carry out a risk assessment of your trees, using systematic and defensible methodology, to ensure that tree risk is managed within acceptable levels. As part of a tree risk assessment, we will provide you with the following:

· An OS/topography map with tree locations

· Tree tagging for easy identification on-site

· A clear schedule of tree inspection survey data

· A prioritised work schedule of further works with timescales

· Specific re-inspection frequencies

Our tree risk surveyors hold the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection certification and are Professional Members of the Arboricultural Association, one of the industry’s leading professional bodies. We also have £5 million Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover.

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