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Sarah and Emily Rise to Assistant Ecologists

As reward for their dedication, expertise, and contribution to their department, Sarah Jennison and Emily Murchison have been promoted from graduate ecologists to assistant ecologists within our ecology team. This promotion not only underscores their individual achievements but also highlights the robust talent within our team.

Sarah and Emily’s journey from graduate ecologists to assistant ecologists is a testament to their hard work since they have been with us. Since joining our team, both Sarah and Emily have demonstrated exceptional skills in fieldwork, data analysis, and early stage reporting, proving themselves as valuable assets to our ecology team.

As assistant ecologists, they will now both play a pivotal role in leading smaller projects, mentoring junior staff, and contributing to the strategic direction of our ecology team. Their elevation is not just a recognition of past achievements but also a vote of confidence in their potential to make even greater contributions going forward.

Moreover, Sarah and Emily’s promotion exemplifies Brindle & Green’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a supportive environment for professional development. By investing in the growth and advancement of our team members.
Posted on: 08 April 2024
Posted in: Staff News

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