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Length of Service Awards and Staff Value Insights

Each month we hold a company meeting to inform our staff of what’s happening in the world of B&G. But this month was different!

We held a celebration to honour the dedication and hard work of a large number of our staff. Recognising employees who have reached significant milestones in their careers, with lengths of service ranging from three to ten years.

There is a strong sense of community and loyalty that we foster within our workforce. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and appreciation.

Directors Neil Crofts and Lucinda Sweet expressed deep gratitude to all the staff present, stating “Our company’s success is built on the dedication and hard work of our staff. It’s an honour to celebrate these milestones and acknowledge the incredible contributions each of these individuals have made”.

The meeting featured personalised gifts, champagne, and a length of service pack which included certificates of appreciation and length of service perks. A moment of well-deserved recognition.

As we look into the future, the celebration of these milestones serves as a reminder of the importance of valuing and supporting our workforce. We remain committed to fostering an environment where employees can thrive and achieve their goals. Ahead of our team building day on 28th June we closed the meeting with a group exercise to discover what our staff values are. This session was an opportunity for everyone to share what they value the most about working for Brindle & Green. These insights will shape our future initiatives and strengthen our commitment to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment.
Posted on: 13 June 2024
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