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CIEEM’S Spring Conference 2019

Brindle & Green’s Owner Neil Crofts and Associate Dr Lucinda Sweet we’re lucky enough to secure places on CIEEM’s Spring Conference for 2019 entitled ‘Biodiversity Net Gain from Policy to Practice: a Transformative Tool for Tackling Biodiversity Loss’.

The event was over subscribed and so both were lucky to be able to attend. Given the recent attention in both industry and the wider press of the decision by government to mandate biodiversity net gain, this was the perfect opportunity to explore its successes, current pitfalls and opportunities for the future. The speakers were all excellent and came from a range of backgrounds and shared differing views on its implementation and its role in the future.

So what is Biodiversity net gain?

Essentially it’s a tool for ensuring that the biodiversity of a site is of greater value post development than pre development. Frequent points raised during most of the presentations was the need for early stakeholder engagement and full transparency throughout the process.

Brindle & Green originally delivered BNG for clients with development sites in Warwickshire where this progressive County Council sought to secure its own policies in this field ahead of implementation by government. Since then we have gone further afield and consider ourselves proficient in delivering this now vital tool. If you need any support or advice on BNG then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Posted by: Lucie Sweet
Posted on: 04 April 2019
Posted in: Company News

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