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Brindle & Green’s Biannual Book Scheme Celebrates World Book Day

In a world that often seems to move at an unprecedented pace, fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal growth is crucial for any forward-thinking company.

Brindle & Green is proud to announce its innovative initiative – the Biannual Book Scheme – a program designed to celebrate the love of reading and encourage a vibrant exchange of ideas among its staff. This program, occurring every spring and autumn, enables our staff to choose a book of their choice by sharing their Waterstones wish lists. This also aligns perfectly with World Book Day on March 7th, creating a harmonious blend of literary exploration and global celebration.


Brindle & Green’s Biannual Book Scheme stands as a testament to its dedication to employee well-being, personal development, and a vibrant company culture. By intertwining this initiative with the global celebration of World Book Day, the company not only invests in the intellectual growth of its workforce but also fosters a sense of community through the shared love of literature.
Posted on: 08 March 2024
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