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A New Chapter in Landscape Architecture

In the world of landscape architecture, transitions can often symbolise the beginning of a new chapter, both for the individual stepping into a new role and for the organisation they represent. Such is the case with Leonie Brown, who recently took on the position of Head of Landscape at Brindle & Green, a fast-paced and ambitious business known for its dynamic approach to the industry.

Reflecting on her journey to this pivotal moment, Leonie expresses deep gratitude towards Brindle & Green for the opportunities they’ve provided to help her career in landscape architecture flourish. “I owe a lot to B&G; they’ve given me the opportunity to develop my career in Landscape Architecture, supported my Chartership, and always listened to my ideas, queries, and worries,” she remarks.

Leonie’s journey with Brindle & Green began when the landscape department was just three months old, a time of intense growth and rapid development. “It went from zero to 70 miles in the first week,” she recalls. “I was heading out on-site in Kent for my first exposure to Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVA) and creating planting plans for a car test track in Oxfordshire.” This initial exposure to the fast-paced nature of the business set the tone for Leonie’s career trajectory within the company.

Working in a relatively small business with a compact team has its advantages. The immediacy and close connection with colleagues across all levels of the organisation provided her with invaluable experience in strategic, managerial, and customer-facing aspects from the start. “This immediacy and connection with all levels of colleagues at B&G is one of its strengths and why I chose to join,” she explains.

Leonie’s promotion to Head of Landscape comes at a pivotal time for Brindle & Green, as the landscape team undergoes a period of change and looks toward an exciting future. The focus, she says, will be on strengthening customer relationships, building on existing services, and exploring new opportunities to expand those services.

With Leonie at the helm, Brindle & Green’s landscape department is poised for a period of exciting growth and transformation, setting the stage for a promising future in the landscape architecture industry.
Posted on: 01 May 2024
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