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Badger Surveys

Year Round
£900.00 – £2,300.00 + VAT
Expert survey work to ensure successful outcomes for planning and, should one be needed, a badger licence that enables a sett to be closed. Our ecologists are vastly experienced in the survey of badgers, ensuring we have sufficient information to prepare the required documents.

Badger Licencing

Year Round
£1,900.00 + VAT
As badgers are protected by law, there is need to ensure compliance by being granted a licence from Natural England where the likelihood of disturbance or destruction of a sett will occur.

Badger mitigation – sett builds and closures

July – November
Price on application
We offer a full integrated, in-house service for the construction of badger setts and the licenced closure of setts. Our in-house contracting teams, certified with Construction Line Gold, have all of the required skills, tickets and know how to get the job done!
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Frequently asked questions about Badger Licencing

Who prepares the licence?


We do! We have the relevant experience and development licence to be able to apply for and manage the entire licence process for you.

Who is responsible for the licence and associated works?


You are primarily – and legally. But we can and do look after all elements of the process to ensure compliance. It’s often straightforward when you know how.

How long does a licence take to be awarded?


Natural England allow 6 weeks for a licence to be determined and granted.

Can I then work straight away?


It depends on the work and the licence requirements. The closure of a badger sett is constrained to July – November each year. Closure of setts outside of this window is not likely to be approved.

More information about Badger Mitigation

Main badger setts

If you need to close a main badger sett then there will almost certainly be a requirement to replace this habitat with an artificial badger sett. We have built 100’s of these to the recommended spec and have had great feedback from Natural England themselves on the design and construction of setts.  We have come up with plenty of innovative and creative solutions too! You do not need a licence to build a sett but you will need one before you close the active sett.

Outlier or subsidiary setts

You shouldn’t need to build artificial setts as compensation for the loss of an outlier or subsidiary sett.

Sett closure methods

We always need to work to the conditions associated with the granted licence for any particular project. However, the general principles are the same. We fix metal one way badger gates to all sett entrances and pin chain-link over the sett and the surrounding ground. Badgers let themselves out of the sett and then can’t get back in.

There is a requirement to monitor sett closures for a period of 21 days before we could destroy a sett: either by machine or by concreting up holes and burying the mesh – depending on the project requirements. If badgers are found to still be present within the sett during the 21 day monitoring then this period must be extended.

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