Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)

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Pricing & Timescales

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is a report that evaluates the direct and indirect effects of a proposed development on the trees identified in the BS 5837 survey.

We aim to issue the report within 5-10 days of your site visit.

Price will vary depending on scope.

Brindle and Green have years of experience in producing Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIAs), which are technical reports that evaluate the potential impact of development upon a site’s trees. An AIA report will be submitted as part of your planning application, and will follow on from a BS 5837 tree survey.

In your AIA report, we will identify any trees that are to be removed to facilitate the development, any trees that are to be retained, and assess any above-ground or below-ground impacts upon retained trees. Our consultants will work with you to provide pragmatic solutions to your arboricultural constraints through the recommendation of mitigation, layout alterations and/or tree protection strategies. This information is clearly detailed on a tree protection plan, which will be included in the AIA and may be used on-site post-approval of the application, to aid in the setting out of protective measures.