Brindle & Green's New Consultant Ecologist

07 April 2017

Meet Brindle & Green's NEW Consultant Ecologist Sam...


I studied Ecology and Conservation at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have 2 years ecology experience, previously working for MGWSP Northamptonshire Highways and specialize in bats. I have also gained 2 years of maritime experience working on board both sailing and motor yachts. When I’m not surveying, my hobbies include climbing, snowboarding and going to the gym.



Brindle & Green's New Assistant Ecologist

Meet Brindle & Green’s NEW Assistant Ecologist…


I joined Brindle & Green as an Assistant Ecologist in March 2017, having successfully delivering a £230k habitat enhancement project on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal for the Canal & River Trust.  I have bird, water shrew and two seasons bat surveying experience undertaking both emergence and activity transect surveys.




Brindle & Green's NEW Project Manager

06 April 2017

Meet Brindle & Green's NEW Project Manager Emily...


After gaining a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and almost two years in recruitment consultancy, I studied an MSc in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation. During my studies, I gained knowledge of environmental legislation, wildlife and environmental surveying techniques and habitat management. I have also participated in cetacean, small mammal and newt surveying. I strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure all customer and ecologist needs are met, ensuring that projects are completed on time and efficiently.  



Brindle & Green Online Project Management Software

06 April 2016

Brindle & Green have invested heavily in bespoke online project management software.

A local software company took on the challenge of designing a system that enabled Brindle & Green staff to track, update and monitor the progress of any project from anywhere in the UK. The system has been designed to work across all office locations but also remotely with staff needing to update project progress from the field.

One critical function of the new software is the ability to monitor dates that reports should be issued by.

When appointing Brindle & Green you are asked for a completion date for your project. This date is added to our project tracker and becomes the responsibility of the project manager who is assigned your scheme. This is particularly important as the company now offers a fast track service with a report turnaround with 5 working days of appointment. With so many projects being worked on at any one time, the need to constantly evaluate project progress and deadlines became ever more important.