Brindle & Green offers a wide range of marine related surveys to inform research, development or impact assessment.

Working on development in areas as diverse as off shore wind farm and coral reef impact assessment, Brindle & Green’s marine team offer marine surveys in both UK waters and Internationally.

In the UK, Brindle & Green can offer experienced support on off shore wind farms where our team deliver coordinated surveys for marine habitats, marine mammals and birds. In warmer climates, our experience extends to collision impact assessment, most notably on reefs and most commonly where ships have grounded and there is a need for impact assessment and independent cost evaluation.

Marine Mammal Image

Marine Mammal Surveys

All marine mammals are protected by EU legislation and as such, impacts from potentially damaging development proposals require thorough consideration and effort. Brindle & Green's marine team are experienced in marine mammal surveys and apply a range of survey methods to establish the use of an area by marine mammals on either a short term or long-term basis.

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Bird Survey

Bird Surveys

Bird surveys relating to off shore development typically apply a vantage point survey technique. Brindle & Green's in-house ornithologists are suitably experienced in undertaking surveys to inform off shore development that may impact birds.

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Shoreline Survey

Shoreline Surveys

Brindle & Green's marine team can survey shoreline habitats, incorporating knowledge of plant species more typical of these landscapes, elements of marine mammal survey and assess impact resulting in proposed development of any kind.

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Reef Impact Assessment

Reef Impact Assessments (RIA) are effective tools in reef management and often an essential part for development and/or accidental damage caused to the reef environment. Read more

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