Great Crested Newt Surveys

Quick, efficient and development focused approach


Prices start from £400
excluding VAT


Where a pond is located within the boundary of a proposed application site, within 250 metres of a minor application or 500 meters of a major application, where the pond has been assessed as being suitable for supporting great crested newts and impacts on the species are likely then you may have need for a full survey.

Guidelines require 4 survey visits between the months of March and June with 2 of the 4 visits being completed between mid-April and mid-May.

If great crested newts are found then survey effort increases to 6 visits with 3 of those falling in the mid-April to mid-May bracket.

Methods include trapping, torching, egg searching and netting.

All works must be undertaken by a licenced newt surveyor.

We guide you through the process, including any restriction to access of nearby ponds.

Results are set out in a report suitable for a submission to a local planning authority.  

GREAT CRESTED NEWT – Mitigation & Development Licences

Prices start from £900
excluding VAT


You may have received a planning permission or have purchased a site with planning permission with a condition relating to the need for an EPS development licence for great crested newts.

We can take survey information prepared by another organisation and prepare a full submission to Natural England including application forms, method statements and reasoned statements.