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Landscape Design

Pricing & Timescales

Fees from £500 + VAT

Timescales from 1 week.

Our landscape design services cover all stages of the design process including: site analysis and feasibility; conceptual design; landscape strategy and masterplanning; planting design; hardscape design; construction details; and maintenance recommendations. Our landscape design work has been used to inform site layout, clear planning conditions, market housing developments and to build and enhance local communities.

About Landscape Design

A well-designed development sits within the surrounding landscape and/or townscape, and contributes positively to the local character, enhancing the area for both people and wildlife alike. Our landscape team is available to help with landscape design work at any stage of the development process, but the design process is most effective when landscape architects are brought in early during the feasibility or concept stage.

Each site is different, but during the design process we collaborate with you to understand your preferences, needs, and goals for the space. We consider factors like the site’s topography, climate, soil conditions, existing vegetation, and available resources to develop a comprehensive design; as well as looking to embed the site within the surrounding landscape – using characteristic elements, species and materials from the local area – as well as aligning with wider ecological, heritage, recreation and drainage objectives.

Case Studies

Cowbridge, Wales

A constraints plan, landscape and visual impact appraisal and a hard and soft landscape plan for a site in Cowbridge, South Wales
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Island View, Wormshill

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Broad Street, Clifton

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