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Brook Mead Academy

Brindle & Green

A firm established in Derbyshire in 2012, specialise in ecology, trees, landscape and archaeology with our own contracting division enabling us to create & manage habitats on sites as well as sensitively removing habitat where land may be proposed for development.

Brindle & Green are currently working closely with the ecologists at Leicester City Council to complete a wide range of survey work and assessments to inform the planning application submitted for the new Brook Mead Academy.

In addition, we are facilitating the management of the site with some initial vegetation clearance to enable other site investigations to take place whilst working to best practice and guidance in respect of ecology and protected species.

As part of the landscaping strategy, the project will deliver a biodiversity net gain. This involves planting 40 new trees across the site, contained within new woodland habitats to create tree-lined boundaries along the site’s northern and southern limits. New planting will also include a variety of native species, focusing on flowering meadows, and new grass cover will replace the disused shrubland currently adjacent to Fosse Road North.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the site been fenced?


Historically the site has been used by the public for dog walking and bottle digging. With machinery on site and the risk of flying debris, but also in the interest of safety of the staff working on this project it was inevitable at some stage that the site would need to be secured.

Are you developing the site?


No. We are tasked with ensuring that protected species present within the site and nearby are protected and looked after whilst works to inform the proposed development begin.

Has the site achieved planning permission?


No. an application for the new Brook Mead Academy was submitted in late February 2022 but has not yet been granted.

Will the wildlife on the site be destroyed?


No. Protected species have legal protections and any planning approval will ensure that the development comes forward in a way that secures the protection of protected species and wildlife. Whilst some habitats will be lost, the planning process also secures alternative habitat creation, most likely in Stokeswood park which would over compensate for anything lost within this site.

When will the site be built?


If the application is granted then we would expect to see a start on site toward the back end of 2023.

How can I comment on the proposals or raise my concerns?


The planning application will have a consultation period where you will have a chance to review the proposals and provide comments accordingly.

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