Brindle & Green offers eDNA sampling for great crested newts, bats and white-clawed crayfish. Since the change in guidance issued by Natural England, we have developed a course in eDNA sampling for GCN.

Bat eDNA Analysis

  • Bat eDNA
  • Bat dropping analysis (bat speciation)

Bat speciation from droppings uses sophisticated DNA analysis techniques to accurately determine the species of bat present from just one dropping. We apply an advanced methodology for the speciation of bats which allows us to accurately distinguish between similar species such as the Brandt's/Whiskered bats.

  • Fast, accurate analysis
  • Free post sampling kits
  • Greater separation of similar species
  • Full technical advice available
  • Photomicrographs of droppings to include in your report.
  • Sequencing available on request
Price from £75 + VAT
reductions on bulk orders available

GCN eDNA Analysis

When great crested newts (GCN) inhabit a pond, they deposit traces of their DNA in the water as evidence of their presence. We analyse that water just like we do from a crime scene, to identify the presence of great crested newts, leaving you to survey the negatives conventionally. It's that simple, though the analytical process is meticulous and can only be done in laboratories set up to conduct DNA work. Read more

Standard Service
Price from £175 + VAT
reductions on bulk orders available - p&p £65
Fast Track Service
Price from £275 + VAT
reductions on bulk orders available - p&p £65

White-clawed crayfish eDNA analysis

Building upon the method used for eDNA detection of great crested newts, we are now able to analyse water samples taken from both ponds and streams where crayfish may be present. Not only can we test for the presence of individuals within a habitat, but we are able to identify between the endangered native white-clawed crayfish and over 8 non-native species.

Prices on request

eDNA sample training for GCN

Recent changes in guidance from Natural England for 2016 has resulted in the need for surveyors tasked with taking eDNA samples to receive full and appropriate training.

In response to this, B&G has prepared a half day course to provide this training and equip surveyors with the information they need to carryout full proof eDNA sampling. Read More

£75 per person + VAT

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