Reef Impact Assessment

Reef Impact Assessments (RIA) are effective tools in reef management and often an essential part for development and/or accidental damage caused to the reef environment. For example, baseline reef and water-quality surveys are usually conducted initially at specific construction sites and/or sites which have been affected in any specific way i.e. boat/anchor damage. The same methods are then repeated at both near-field sites and far-field sites to determine a suite of realistic control panel criteria which can be monitored by the developer, engineer and/or advisory committees. The surveys allow for quantification of the physical structure and benthic cover using state of the art imaging software which will also allow for a baseline to be established from which change can be measured. Furthermore, this method allows for accurate determination of both spatial and temporal mitigation measures for any construction/accidental activities (such as ship grounding, anchoring, rock cutting, dredging, armouring, and rock dumping).